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Hey! My name is Lane, I am from Massachusetts. Here at Luminate 1/1 I let my imagination go crazy and I create all of the reworked pieces I post for sale here on my website. All sales profits go into supporting my dreams of opening my own boutique one day. Each sale I see come through makes me so happy and grateful for this opportunity!

You will never find a product identical to yours ever again, the pattern and colors used for each product are from thrifted pieces which is where my logo 1/1 comes from. Each pair of joggers comes with a 1/1 Luminate Thrifts clothing tag on the back waistband!

All products are made from second hand thrifted products in order to prevent fast fashion trends. Luminate Thrifts promotes high quality, long lasting, sustainable fashion.

Luminate Thrifts blew up on social platforms shortly after our viral video on Tiktok & Instagram in 2020 releasing the one of one reworked joggers! I am the original creator and designer of my jogger pattern/colorblock design.

Before I was given a chance at the viral life I created simple fabric replacement reworks on tank tops, hoodies, sweatpants, and crewnecks.

Any and all brand names or logos used on my reworked pieces are authentic and from a real branded items which is then used to create a recycled version of a new product.

All of my products are 100% handmade and original by me (Luminatethrifts)

Made in the USA

My pieces are only sold on my website here

Thank you for taking the time to read about me and my business!

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